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Concept Concept An abstract idea or notion; a unit of thought.
ConceptScheme Concept Scheme A set of concepts, optionally including statements about semantic relationships between those concepts.
inScheme in scheme A concept scheme in which the concept is included.
hasTopConcept has top concept A top level concept in the concept scheme.
prefLabel preferred label The preferred lexical label for a resource, in a given language.
altLabel alternative label An alternative lexical label for a resource.
hiddenLabel hidden label A lexical label for a resource that should be hidden when generating visual displays of the resource, but should still be accessible to free text search operations.
symbol symbolic label An image that is a symbolic label for the resource.
  • preferred symbolic label
  • alternative symbolic label
definition definition A statement or formal explanation of the meaning of a concept.
note note A general note, for any purpose.
  • scope note
  • editorial note
  • change note
  • history note
example example An example of the use of a concept.
broader has broader A concept that is more general in meaning.
narrower has narrower A concept that is more specific in meaning.
related related to A concept with which there is an associative semantic relationship.